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Founded in 2021 and based in the Midwest, Weaver Literary Agency is working to create space for voices of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in adult and children’s literature.

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Bethany represents adult, YA and selective middle-grade. Her taste gravitates toward speculative fiction with subtle romance and lush prose. Horror, mystery, and romance elements are her soft spot.

Traditional Representation

Meet Bethany

Founder and Agent, Bethany Weaver began her career as an intern for the phenomenal Creative Media Inc where she then moved between different avenues of publishing. Most recently, she worked for Storm Literary Agency as their sole Foreign Rights agent.

Before publishing, she earned her BA in English with a concentration on writing, editing, and media and pursued a career with her local newspaper eventually making the switch to the USA Today where she still resides. 

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Tailored to independently published authors, publishers, and literary agencies without in-house sub-rights management. Subsidiary Rights include, but are not limited to, foreign & translation, audio, film/tv, and gaming. 

Subrights management

We are with you from the beginning, cultivating your dream career. 

Traditional representation

Applying for subrights management

Send us an email at weaverliteraryagency@gmail.com and include the following information:

Pen Name & Legal Name

Website & Socials

List of all titles

Rights that have already been sold/optioned/self-published
Rights you wish us to manage and/or rights you wish to keep for yourself.

Any other information you feel is important to know!

Applying for traditional representation

Send us your query here.

Please refer to the Wishlist here before querying. We do not respond to queries sent via email or mail. 


Who are your clients? 

We represent independent and traditionally published authors, publishers, & literary agencies without in-house subsidiary rights specialists. For a full list of our clients, please refer here. 

What have you sold?

Our most recent translation deals include Penguin Random House, De Saxus, Ciela, and more. For our traditional titles, our most recent deals include Orbit, Sourcebooks, Union Sq. & Co, and more. Please refer to Recent Deals for a complete list. 

What Foreign territories do you sell to? 

We sell directly to foreign markets, including, but not limited to: Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, Slovakia, and more. 

What are subsidiary rights?

Subsidiary Rights include foreign & translation, audio, film/tv, games. We do handle all forms of subsidiary rights.

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Weaver Literary Agency is a boutique agency based in the Midwest and is known for its active subsidiary rights track record & dark, romance-centered authors.



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